Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy I FREAKIN HATE Halloween

For me today is the WORST holiday of the year. 
I really have no reasons why I hate it ,but
it could be the fact, it hate thinking of a costume 
I hate all the slutty costumes 
I hate all of the nasty gory stuff
I CAN'T  stand that every party in October has to be Halloween themed
Seriously, For my ward this month we had like 3 Halloween parties 
But I do love all the treats and decoration 
still not enough to like this day
So night I will most likely be staying home while every one parties 
(yes! I really hate it that bad!!!! ) 
 Mel and I almost threw a party only because we are fun, but we didn't 
My little sister makes THE CUTEST cowgirl!!! 
I miss being home sometimes! 

The neighborhood gang!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Everyone releases their emotions differently. Negative or positive.
There are  never says anything, sit in a corner and be a grouch people
There are the people who are TOO happy and just kind of annoy
There are the compulsive eaters or the non-eaters 
There is a small percent who actually can handle there emotions like a civil person. 
There is the person who wants to whole world to know how they feel and tell whole world
There are the don't say anything, and be mad no one asks them whats wrong.
There are the people who post everything on Facebook. 
There are the screamers and finally the Criers. 
I happen to be crier. 
No matter if I am happy, tired, sad, scared or annoyed I cry.
Not only do I cry I sob. Uncontrollably sometimes. 
Its embarrassing at times 
Now I am so use to it I embrace it. 
So, If you every see me cry, 
don't worry, I am most likely fine. 
Where do I get this crying from 
probably, BOTH of my parents 
yup, both 
MOM and DAD 
They are criers too. 
My dad cries at every sad thing he sees. 
My mom, well shes like me. 
I got DOUBLE the crying gene
No, biggy. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Once, I went to Carrie Underwood

So I have a friend. She is my best friend up in Logan
She got Carrie Underwood tickets for her birthday 
So invited me to go! 
We went and had a blast. 
It was Mel's first concert. 
A good choice. 
but, I still feel she need to experience the mosh pit. 
Here are so videos and pictures from our fun night! 
ready to go!!

We're real good at a taking pictures.
I mean, look at us, we're so HOT!

in the words of Micaille..
I was so turned on.

Just listen to his talking voice.
So, hot.

(sorry about the screaming, I couldn't help it, 
he is just so darn cute).

now listen to his singing voice
Even more attractive 

I love that he plays to piano
 I get all giddy, when I watch these. 
This concert was so great! 

Now for Carrie Underwood, She was great too! 
I want her legs so bad... 
maybe some day when I decided to be motivated 

Best of all... 
Both of them together. 

It definitely wasn't a coincidence...

First off, I started crying when I read this post. I have never had anyone say so many kind things about me. I just want to add a few things and share my story how we met. 
K this is my story.
It was the first day of school and I was a new freshmen. I walked into the class room of Math 2020. I scanned the room and saw many empty seats. My eyes kept wondering to find the perfect. I finally settled on a seat in the third row next to a girl with pretty hair and cute glasses. I worked my way over the seat and sat down. I am pretty sure I just sat down and didn't say anything. This cute girl turned to me and asked what my name was. I told her and asked for hers. We probably said a few other things. but then class started. The next class I sat my Mel again. Than we were stuck there (this is the only time I have been happy for a seating chart).
1.  Mel and I may have become friends fast but I didn't know Mel's name for like 3 weeks. It was when I got her number so we could work on our math test is when I really learned it. I just looked at her paper all the time to try and see if she wrote her name on it. 
2. I am really not very sweet, well at least compared to Melanie. 
3. I loved her from day 1. I thought she had the prettiest hair and face. 
4. When we are not together, we are usually texting.
I am so grateful for Mel. She is/had made my college experience. I would be a bum with out her. Seriously, I would just sit on my bed all day. 

A weekend with my best friend!

Last weekend I went home.(well it has taken me so long to finish this is was almost 2 weekends ago) I brought Mel home with me to meet the fam!
First, we got stuck in traffic it took us 5 hours to get to my house. Oscar (my car) had a rough beating
I had to slam on my brake quite a few times and almost ran over deer on Geneva
We were going to go to the football game. 
ha.ya we were late for that.
The rest of the weekend was spent at Kneaders, Brenen's Lacrosse game, canyon drives, grandparents houses and IHOP. 
We decided to go home Monday because out early class got canceled. Well, Sunday night we decided to  be good girls and make it to institute. We left my house at 8 to make it on time.  We made it just in time for our 10:30. We walked into our class room. I was slightly confused, everybody looked unfamiliar. I turned to Mel and said there are a lot of new people in our class. Then it hit Mel our class was at 9:30 NOT 10:30. I dashed for the the door. Mel and I laughed a good laugh.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

sticky in all the wrong places

Up on campus there is a HUGE hill called old main. 
many people go ice blocking or sledding, but not me. 
I go slip- n- sliding  with chocolate syrup. 

I have seriously have never had so much fun, while being sticky, wet and freezing. 
I have never been ran over by someone until Mel ate it hard on top of me which resulted in both of us peeing our pants. Luckily it was dark and we were already wet and sticky. 
Everything was so worth it. even the chocolate syrup that is all over my car and all over my apartment

 Oh and my best friend is a freaking babe!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My homework is done.

I have almost finished a whole jar of peanut butter, by the spoon full. 
Utah State won our Homecoming day 
Missy came to visit. 
I got 100% on my family finance test (with the help of Melanie and Kenzie).
I haven't had a cookie, brownie or cake in over a month. 
I walk to school everyday, up a huge hill.(my calf's better be huge by the end of the year)
I spent way to much money on going out to eat last month.
Missy and I stood in line for 3 hours to get a good spot for last weeks game. 
I have to read over 100 pages in a book by Thursday night
I am going home this weekend.( Mel is coming too)!
I am way excited for conference
My should have been home in 2 weeks. He has 4 months left.