Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This is happening!!!!

Right now I preparing to shallow my pride. why? 
I shall explain. 

I have faithfully been watching The bachelor. 
Since the very beginning I have bad feelings  towards Courtney. 
Some weeks I really wanted to stab a knife down her throat!!! 
I seriously I HATE her!!!!
I have said bad things about her. but now.....
I love her (well love is a strong word)
so I like her now. 
I really want Ben to choose her! 
Mainly cause I don't like the  other choice. 
I am going to CALI tomorrow
I will be in Nice weather 
I am soakin' in the sun 
my fellow Logan friends will be stuck in this.....
HA HA!!!
Last night I went to Pizza Pie Cafe!!!!
Great minds thinks a like 
Do you see it?? Same things, same order!!

P.s. I Love my headband!

Random picture

My new favorite picture!!! 
(I look a little Chinese)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Do you remember this?

Missy and I started to sing this last night.
We couldn't remember where it was from 
so today I found it!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Yesterday, I turned 19!!!
I just love my birthdays!!
It was a great day!
I kind of felt like I celebrated my birthday for 3 days (which I don't have a problem with).
Sunday: Family birthday party.
Monday: Opened presents with family and went out to dinner with my friends
Tuesday: Cake and ice cream with roommates

 Biggest Highlight: JUSTIN BIEBER  CAKE!!!!!
Best cake ever!!!
Here are some other pictures from my day(s):
olive garden

Friday, February 3, 2012

How do you spend you Friday nights?

My Friday night:
I scrap booked a little

I ate a T.V. dinner

Lorelle made strawberry milkshakes

Micaille  made brownies with nutella

We sit on our computers
play words with friends with eachother

Now we watch movies
Later I clean my room
Laterest I go to bed