Sunday, July 31, 2011

Old Friends

Remember when you were in Jr. High and you and your best friend would always talk about going to college together? How people really stay friends all they way through high school? How many people still have a friend that they met in the fourth grade and now are going to college together? Right now I know of one. Me! Through Jr. High I had a pretty good solid group of friends. We would always talk about going to college together. Growing up and being moms. As we got older we grew apart. We were finding out who we really were, but Missy and I have stayed close friends.We are about to make our Jr. Dream become reality! We are Utah State and Rooming together... well really apartmenting together. Even though through high school we didn't hang out as much we can sit in a car and talk for hours like we haven't missed a day in each other lives. I love it. I love her!
oh ya tonight I met one more of my roommates. I am getting really excited!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hard Workin'

 I just spent 3 hours loading hay.
My hands are sore and blistered.
I got a big goose egg on my shin.
I am still blowing hay out of my nose.
I got so much dust in my lungs I can't breathe.
The good news is I got paid $8.00 and hour.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As of late

The past few weeks have been pretty busy for me. Most of it was not planned busy but random and fun adventures. Last Wednesday I went with my dad and my sister to Kanab to buy a truck. Well I got to drive my dad old truck home. On the way home we decided to stop at Bryce Canyon. 

Since my dad is obsessed with elk we also had to stop and take picture of an elk breeding farm

After I got home from a 1 day road trip. I went right to bed because thursday I was heading up to my grandmas for a funeral and just to spend a few days with my grandma and my aunts.

Who knew that my grandma would be trying to set me up with so many boys. I am pretty sure my grandma is ready to have me get married....
At the viewing Thursday night I was sitting next to my grandma. out of no where she just started talking to me about all the good boys up in good ol' Oakley.
As I sat with her in sacrament she kept turning to me and saying.... "Oh kimmy! that Jones* boy is sharp. oh he is a sharp kid."  I would just smile at her.... (That Jones boy wasnt very cute.... but he did play the piano very well).
After church we ate Lunch. During most of the meal and a little after my family discussed the boys I should date.
The conversation went a little like this....

Annie(my aunt): "Kimmy you should go out with Steve*
Grandma: " yes Kimmy he is a good kid."
Annie: "or there's mike*
Grandma( mouth drops open) Oh! no! he is not a good kid"
Grandpa: " You dont want to get stuck with that kid he is to touchy with the girls."
* Names have been changed
Pretty much that is how the whole conversation went... just different names were brought up.It was quiet grand. Now I have a clear understanding of who and who not to date in Oakley.
The funniest part was my grandmas kept bringing up the Jones kid... She says she is going to talk to him next week and tell him that I thought he is a sharp kid (but really that is all her thinking)... so I will have to see if she really does say anything to him.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wedding dreams update

After countless times of looking at both the wedding rings that I liked I finally choose one

This is the winner! 
you are lookin' at a 1 ct.
princess cut vintage ring

Actually I like this one a lot more then the other choice. I am kind of ridiculous looking at wedding rings. But I really like looking at things related to weddings... I really don't want to get married for at least 2 years but it is just fun to me. 

Importance of being thankful

This week I was staying at my aunts for a few days, My aunt lives next to my grandma so I spent a lot of time up there. My Grandma has been taking taking care of my Grandpa parents for 2 years. There was a time where my grandma had both her hips replaced and needed all of my siblings help take care of my great grandparents and on top of that my aunt who is complete dependable on others. My mom would go up on the weekends to help. While I was up at my grandmas house there were a lot of visitors because my great grandma was dying. She just passed away tonight. I heard my grandma express to this visitor how grateful she was for her daughters to come and help her out and she wouldn't have been able to make it with out their help I don't think my grandma said anything like that to my mom ever. I know my mom would come home from my grandmas feeling like my grandma didn't care. This taught me a little lesson. It is important to tell people how grateful you are for them. Even if it is a small matter they still should know that you are thankful for them. For now on I am making sure that I tell people thank you a lot more often.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer adventure thus far

My summer so far has been kind of crazy! I figure that I was only at my house 14 out of the 30 days of June. A few hours after I graduated Alexis and I loaded up my car and drove to St. George.  I really enjoyed driving down with Alexis. I really love her. I enjoyed her company.  We arrived the St. George about 10:30ish.... but with the help of Alexis Mom and Sara Allen we didn't make it to condo till almost mid-night.  We learned how to use our common sense though  haha.  We spent most of the time by or in the pool. Make sure sunscreen is applied regularly. You just might end up a little red.

and we are off....
Chocolate milk A.K.A Dr. Pepper with creamer

Bangin' Bathroom

Midnight treat

We Stalk this car....

The fat man
we're pro

best store ever!

this is what happens to the lid when jen tries to
 throw the water from her car to mine

When our St. George adventure was over a another started shortly with youth conference the following Thurday.

Strawberry days is one of my favorite weeks during the summer. I went all four nights to the rodeo.  The parade was so hot.

When strawberry days ended I had Saturday, Sunday and Monday to get ready for camp.
Camp this year was great! I got to be a Junior leader. Pretty much I did the behind the scene work. It is so rewarding to see all my hard work pay off.

Alpine slide

This is how we shop at girls camp

ensign peak

Meet  Annie

Girls camp wrapped up the next Monday I was off  to St. George with Alexis and her family and the lovely Allen family. It got up to 112 one day. I spent most of the day lying out on a floaty in the pool.
Sara, Jen, Alexis and I went to the St. George temple. It is always fun and exciting to see how each temple is ran just a little bit differently.

I came home from St. George friday was a day for me to relax then satuday off my grandparents house for the Fourth of July weekend.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Just finished watching this 
I expectantly love this movie
 I was surprised at how much I like it. 
I think this should be a must see for everyone. 
I think it teaches so many wonderful lessons

Friday, July 1, 2011


This is me at my last recital
I love the piano! I love sitting down and just playing. I am so glad that I choose to take lessons all the way through high school. My piano career started when I was just a little girl about 5. I play until I was 8ish and stopped because my piano teacher moved away. My mom never got around getting me a new teacher. I played around here and there on the piano every now and then. My mom even tried teaching me but that never worked we just got mad at each other. In 7th grade I started playing the cello. After playing that for 3 years and not really liking it I stopped. That is when I decided I really wanted to take piano lessons again. My sophomore year I started taking piano again. I took from a lady in my ward for about a year when she decided to stop teaching. My mom found me a new teacher. She is the one I am currently taking from. But not for long. I decided that after my piano recital on the 9th I am done taking lessons.  I am not as good as I would like to be but I am pleased with my improvement.