Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Need a break.

I have done so good at doing my homework but this week I have not. I have like 4 homeworks due tomorrow and just started them today. 2 of them consist of writing. A lot of reading.... I am almost done with one but I have lot more to do. but I need a break so what do I do for I break? I eat and look at pinterst. this is what I found.

These are all so cute... 
today I think....
 I am a little baby hungry

Monday, September 26, 2011

Late last night

Last night I couldn't sleep. so what did I do?
watched almost or close to every Mormon message. 
here are some of my favorites.

and so many more... I love them

Sunday, September 25, 2011

a HUGE catch up post

I have been meaning to catch up on all the stuff that I did during the summer and the some during this school year. 
1st lets start with the temple walk
That was amazing!
 It was hard but 
so worth it!
I learned so many lessons that can be applied in everyday life
I can do hard things and with the strength of the lord I can do hard things
Right before we left
5:00 AM

Lunch time 

swollen hands

biggest blister ever!!

Next big event I went to the Tim Mcgraw concert!!!!

that concluded my catch up for now...but more to come later....
 p.s. today I bore my testimony 

Good choice... and a regret? maybe?

Today I made a good choice
I stayed home from the homecoming dance.
I needed to do my math homework.
I Promised myself not to do homework on Sunday.
I plan to stick with my promise.

Last night I was part of breaking a world record.
which record?
Just a record.
maybe I will say later
I might regret it
I think I am just more embarrassed.
It was bad.
It was just awkward
(well at least for me).
let hope I don't end up with mono

now something
that makes

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today I am annoyed

I hate being annoyed... but sometimes things bug me.
I hate it. Certain things really bug me. When they come up it puts me in the worst mood.
So now I am in a bad mood.
I am going back to bed.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Let me just complain

I am so sick of this day. This is how my day went
 8:30 woke up-- hoping to work out
8:40 went back to sleep
9:40 woke back up and realized I had to leave for class in 20 min
10:00 left for bus stop
10:10 got on the bus
10:30 got off the bus
10:37 made it to class
10:37-11:40 sat in class
12:20ish got home from class
12:20-1:00 ate lunch and got on my computer
1:00-2:30 took a much needed nap
2:40 went to the bus top
3:00 got on the bus
3:15 late (again) for my class
3:15-4:15 sat in class
4:20 - now sitting in the science building trying to get some homework done
Today has just been an annoying day for me. I just want to go home and go to bed.
but when I get home I still have math homework, I need to write a paper, I need to read 50 pages in a book and study for my biology exam that I have on friday.
I just want this week to be over.

Monday, September 19, 2011


I love college, BUT I hate it. I miss home. I am just so full of emotions right now. I just might break down and cry. I am stressed with a few tests coming up this week. I am stressed with math. I just want to be home. I miss my family. I miss my friends(the few that I have).

Something I am beginning to really realize a lot of things about myself. Some of them good some of them frustrate me. I seriously thought college was going to be a lot different then it is. I mean a lot of it is what I expect but a lot isn't.

I am really proud of myself. I am staying strong to what I believe. I'm not gonna lie.This may sound cheesy but When I first moved out I was thinking now I can wear what I want. I can wear my second earring and no one would really care. I haven't done any of that. I really thought I would, but I put that second earring or put on my dress that is a little short, I just can't leave my house. At first I wondered why. Now I know. When I would put those things on I would think what kind of boys would I attract if I wear this? Not the ones that I want to marry. This may sound even cheesier but I feel one of the reasons I am up here is to find someone to marry.(which is not going to be till my brother gets home). I want to attract the kind of men that I know I am going to marry.

Something I was not expecting is how you can not get a long with someone. You thought they were one way but the are totally different. I love my roommates. I really do. I am so grateful for them. I am so glad we all have the same beliefs and now what and who we stand for. I know that I am diffidently going to learn patience this year.

On the happy side of things. I just returned from the funnest dance EVER!! the paint dance!! So fun. Words can't even describe. I was soaked in paint. My hair was dripping. I was in the VERY front. Such I fun night. (Pictures to come later and more details).

Sunday, September 18, 2011

missing home

I wanna go back. Already
Best but yet worst choice ever.
Best weekend ever.

Friday, September 16, 2011

people watching

I might sound like a creeper but I love to watch people. I am sitting the the Student center waiting for a meeting I have at 1. As I look around I see the boy sitting at the same table trying to do his math homework but keeps looking around instead. There is 2 boys sitting at the table next to me. One is working on homework of some sorts and the other is keeps stretching looking at the tv then at the that lies before him.

I often wonder if other people people watch just like I do. I tend to notice the smallest thing. Like the boy that keep stretching I can tell he is a little frustrated or stress or something of that sort. He keep taking deep breaths and his legs a vary bouncy.

Some people are studying hard at there laptops others and just laying on the couches just chillin'

funny story. today in biology we had a quiz. Yay quiz !!! I got 6/5. These quizzes are good reasons to talk to people that you other wise would be scared to talk too. Next week I know who I am sitting next too. He fits my type to a T. He wears button down plaid shirts. A hat. which you can tell he wear a lot. cinch jeans and boots. the only thing I forgot to look if he was tall and skinny, but don't worry I will find out on Monday.

Last night was french toast night. So fun. I am so glad Dani is boy crazy cos she knows all the boys and brings them over. Thanks to her I can now officially say I have really talked and met so pretty cute boys. onlly problem is. they are just too short.

I love watching couples. Today in my biology class I sat behind the cutest couple. They just made me want to get married.

I leave to come home today in an hour.
I can't wait.
I miss home.
so bad

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Roommates.... and some other stuff...

May I say that I have been just a little bit busy lately.
College is tough work.
A lot of work.
Now I am sitting in the student center waiting for my roommate

Let me tell you about my roommates
 In bed space A we have Lorelle. HOLLY CRAP she is good at art. She is so funny and talented in so many ways.
Micaille in is bed space B. She is so soft spoken and so kind. She makes me laugh! She has the cutest little voice. I love it.

I live in bed space C. What can I say? I am just the best.

Bed space F is next. Dani. I have 2 words to describe her. Boy Crazy!!

No one sleeps in bed space E. It is empty. It was full but now is not. (story for another time).

Missy has the last bed space. (which is F). She has her room all to her self.

As much as I love all my roommates I miss home. In some ways I wish I was home. but that really is not an option right now. I wish I could say that I am loving college but I am not.
I know exactly what my problem is. I am just too shy too scared.
Each of us are blessed with different talents and abilities. I was not blessed with the " I talk to everyone I see or Lets me just talk to every one I sit next too."  ability
Nope never done it.
I just have problems with talking to people first.
So there is my problem.
yup I have no friends...
well I have my roommates
that is it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Starting to see...

I am really starting see how hard college really can be.
yesterday I was at the library for 5 hours doing homework...
Did I finish? nope. not even close.
I still have 30 pages to read for US institutions
I did finish my math.
I still have biology to catch up on.
I love having breaks between classes.
its a good time to study.
did i mention I am hungry
My Class starts in 18 mins
no time to eat.
lets hope I can make it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Not much to say

I don't have much to say.... 

but this week was great!    
I saw Alexis

I went to an eighty's dance
and got squished in my mass of people. 
Missy got lost

I had a real meal.
I had meat!
and corn 
and potatoes

Seeing Alexis was great!
We had a sleepover
We talked all night

*pictures to come later