Tuesday, July 17, 2012

With in the next 12 hours

I swear I am still alive 
I have been a little busy with 
crazy parties, last second drive to my grandmas
studying for finals, but
I am almost done with classes!!!! 
One more test tomorrow
I am still going to blog about all of my fun adventures 
of this past week 
but that will have wait 'till sunday
cos I am off to bear lake as soon as I take my test
(and pack). 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

much needed

Today was such a giant leap from yesterday,let lay out what happened yesterday
1. I had a test, which I was not ready for 
2. got locked out for an hour
3. My laptop died ( I left my charger at home)
4. I dropped my phone down the garbage disposal (don't worry it wasn't turned on, but it got soaked in water)

After letting my phone sit in rice all night it was working this morning (Kind of, right mom!)

As for today's events 
I got an 80 on my test
MEL CAME to visit!!( she had a big interview)
And I saw KARLIE!!!! 
and MEGAN( she had a interview too)!!! 
we ate Cafe Rio 
with a lot of people.

Mel came over for a sec before her interview
we talked and she helped me make this:

P.S. My past week was amazing!!! 
I will blog about it soon! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Over excited!!!

I am super duper excited for the holiday tomorrow!!! 
I love the 4th of July
It is by far the best holiday. 
I am making a cute flag cake ( that is why I am still up, waiting for the cake to cook)
I am being in a parade, which I helped decorate the float 
I am spending all weekend at my grandma's 
I got an 82 on my test today! YEAH!!! 
Happy 4th every one!!!! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Not to happy

Today I am mad at myself.
I have made a few not so wise choices.
Well, you see I have a test tomorrow.
Have I studied???
My plan for today was to go to class (which I over slept today and was late too).
Then come home, eat and head to the library. 
Guess what I did instead?
Watch a few T.V. episodes
Went to a few stores ( who can blame me on that one, I just wanted to drive my new car)
Plucked my eye brows
Sat on my computer
So cheers for me not passing my test tomorrow!!