Thursday, November 29, 2012

stupid blogger!

I haven't blogged in FOREVER cos I can't put pictures up anymore?? 
What the heck? Why??
It is so annoying. 
The ONLY reason I blogged was because I wanted to use this as a fun journal
something I could go back and look laugh at myself.
I mainly blog with pictures. 
Now what do I do?? 
I hate this!! 
Until I can figure out how to add more picture, I am going to be quite annoyed .

Friday, November 16, 2012

Catching up....

I had so much I wanted to blog about but I have been to lazy watching Grey's anatomy and way to busy with homework. I am done with my homework... well mostly done (the rest isn't due till Monday). I am making one big blog post. 
Last week I went home. It snowed. 
Kaydie Jo and I had lots of hot coco

A few weeks ago, I was dying to make caramel apples.
Micaille and I went to the store and bought stuff. 
They actually turned out. 
They were yummy too! 

My Best Friend Since I was like 14 got her mission call. 
I cried. Like a baby (shocker!)

My other best friend since 4th grade got hers too. 
(insert picture of me and Missy)

A few weeks ago, I was feeling sad and stressed. 
guess who came to my rescue?
My daddy!!! 
and Kaydie and Jack 
My dad took me shopping for food.
then out to dinner and then gave me some moneys! 

and then today My mom came!!! 
With Jack 
and Kaydie Jo 
We went out to dinner, then to basketball game, 
then to ice cream!! 

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I skipped school
I went to Sierra's school 
I took Kaydie Jo with me 
We drove in the snow
We watched a presentation of Africa 
We ate lunch with her 
We stayed and observed her class. '
This made me so excited to become a teacher
I loved watching her teach. 
Her class made a laugh so hard....

I came home on Thursday this week
I didn't want to drive in the snow
I love having long weekends! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

This has been my life lately...


2 weeks ago I was introduced to this show.
Now, I can't stop watching it. 
I am now on Season 5. 
I can't stop watching 
even though it mainly about sex 
and pretty much the same thing happens in every episode 
but, its so super good! 
I am addicted 
My emotions have been off lately 
I am officially blaming it on Grey's