Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week 6

No email from Sis Charlesworth this week. Looking forward to a long one next week.
We did get some Valentines and a couple of sights from Missouri.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Week 5: Short Email (Kimmy's Birthday!)

K well this would make it the second time I deleted my mail, so this is going to be super short. 
This week started off great!!!! Ended not so great. 
I went on exchanges and had some super cool experiences but then I also had the most disgusting experience of my live involving hoarders. 
We had zone training. 
We had a great valentines day and gave everyone we saw a valentines. We also went to empty nesters  and played dominoes.
Saturday was when everything came crashing down. Everything that happened is out of our control and there is nothing we can do to fix it.
Sunday was pretty much the same. 
You know, as missionaries we are put in wards to help the ward with their missionary work. Some wards have wonderful things put in place and other don't and it can hinder our numbers and seem like we aren't working hard.  But I know that things will work out. I am not worried out it. 
This week since it is my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY we decided that we are going to get 21 lessons. with 13 of them being member present. This is a super hard goal considering that we got 1/4 of that this week, but I know that it can be done . On Saturday if we only have 10 lessons I am going to go to every house till we reach 21 lessons.
We also set a goal to get 7 baptisms date by the end of the transfer, which is 3 weeks away. This is  an super goal set in faith. Our area has never had a baptism and you better believe Sister Stanworth and I will be the first!!! 
I love you all so much and I am so sorry for the short email. I am so mad I deleted  two of them and had to start over.  
I love being a missionary!!! it is seriously the greatest!!!  
Hope you all have a wonderful week! and try to set some goals in faith!!! yesterday we filled 100% of our goals so our week of 21 lessons is looking great already!!! 
Love, Sister Charlesworth

Note From Sierra: This week is Kimmy's 21st (on the 21st--hence the golden birthday!) birthday! Send her an email, letter, package, little gift or something etc. I know she would absolutely love it! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 4: Big Droppings in Buffalo :)

Well, HEY!!!!!
This week was kind of sad and hard but it was also so funny!!!!
K i need to start out with a few funny stories (they may not be funny to you, but I they are to me.) 
K so saturday night we drove into Louisberg, we decided to go and find some less actives, We drove up to this one house and a dog came out and started to bark and growl at us, We tried to walk past him but he wouldn't let us past him. We got scared so we decided to get back into the car for a sec. I opened the car door and the dog jumped into our car and  into the passengers seat. My companion opened the door and let the dog out. Then the dog decided he liked us and  let us walk up to the house.
After that house we went to another house, by this time it was dark.  We pulled into a driveway with 2 houses and none of them had house numbers ( hardly any houses have house numbers and it is so ANNOYING) as we walked to the first house, someone from the 2nd house let his dogs out and said "go get 'em" The HUGE dogs came running towards us. I screamed!! and started running,  The man was like oh I am so sorry I didn't know anyone was out there. So we talked to him and have an appointment to come back this week! 
I am really really starting to hate dogs. EVERYBODY here has like at least 5. They keep them all inside and the bark and get dog hair all over you. They also stink so bad!
On Tuesday since it was snowing we had to walk. (mom note--they don't let the missionaries drive if it snows at,pretty frustrating for missionaries from Ut and Id) We met a nice man he told us some cool stories about his son and how he had a brain tumor, and how god go them through it all.  We talked to him for a while and we are going back this week to teach him more.  I met all of our neighbors this week! I love them all, they are so so nice. One of them is going to throw me a tiny birthday party!  D and D are my favorite, It was cool cos I got to share with them why I am on a mission and I told them about the restoration. Give me a few weeks and they will totally be Mormon, by the time I leave this place.
On Wednesday we had to drive to Springfield which is about 30 minutes away. but I have no idea what direction... south maybe? We were there all day long. I was the last one interviewed, but that was great, president told me that the lord has shown him some of the things he has in store for me. I am not sure to be excited or scared from that statement. 

Thursday was a cool day- We went to Bolivar ( about 20 minutes away)  and stopped to see some less actives. Sister H came with us. ( I LOVE HER!!)  Our timing for every visit we had was just wonderful!  After we ate dinner at the Hurds.
Friday- We pretty much wasted 70 of our miles trying to find a house of a Potential  and we also had a dinner appointment . but it almost worth it cos the way there was so much fun! Missouri is really hilly. Sister Stanworth and I were laughing the whole time, cos you know when you go over hills sometimes it makes your stomach jump? well that happened the whole way there. 

Side story- We have a box in our car called TIWI, I started driving this week and everytime  I speed he says " check your speed" and it makes me jump everytime. Sister stanworth was like  Sister ya got to stop doing that.
Saturday- we tracted all day and no one let us in. It was so sad. We actually got yelled at a few times.
We still have our investigators with dates, but we found out that they can't get married for  6 months after C gets a divorce, so that was kind of sad. 

Sunday- sister Stanworth and I are officially the worst missionaries ever!!! we have kind of accidentally skipped church. Long story short-- we were told church was going to be cancelled because of the icy roads, so we started to study and then one of our Less actives called us and asked why we went at church. No one told us that church was back on. We felt bad so we walked to visit with some people we have been trying to get a hold of.

That is pretty much my week!!!! Saturday can be counted as my first hard day as a missionary!! 
The sun is shinning today!!! which makes me very happy it hasn't come out in days!!!!!
I love being a missionary!!! I am really hoping this week we can find more people to teach, cos I am really sick of knocking on people doors,
I totally understand the importance of member involvement!!! GIVE MISSIONARIES reference, they desperately need them!
but I am doing well!!!
I haven't cried yet (shocker right)
I love you all and thanks so much for your prayers and support!!!!
have a wonderful week!!!!
Hurrah for Israel!!!
Love, Sister Charlesworth 

***if you are interested Kim's MP's wife has a blog,  Sis Shumway doesn't update it very often but you never know when a picture of Sis charlesworth might show up.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 3 (In Missouri!)

Well hey!!!! 
It is so weird that the beginning of the week I was in Provo. Now I am in Missouri. I honestly  have no idea where I am at. I am just in a town called Buffalo. It is a small town where everyone smokes, missing several teeth and all have small dogs that stink up their house.
Alright on to my week!  
 Tuesday I really don't remember what happened. we had great dev. by brother Martino about member and missionary work.  So it was a pretty good end to my stay at the MTC. 
Wednesday- We all woke up at 1;30 and went to the airport.  We fly to Denver in a tiny plane and then flew to Tulsa in an even smaller plane.  We met the president and did all the stuff new missionaries do. We had a lovely dinner and went to bed. I was seriously so tired that day, but it was still wonderful. My mission president is wonderful and I LOVE Sister Shumway
Thursday- We woke up super early to start the transfer loops. Here in my mission since it is so big it takes all day to get the missionaries to there new areas there are several stops and drop off spot. I feel bad for the Assistants. They spend all day driving. We leave around six in the morning and they don't get back till almost 7 that night.  
I met my trainer. Sister Stanworth she only has 2 transfers left. I Love her. She is great!!! 
We got to our apt, and I  got to unpack and relax for a little bit then we went to dinner and taught some lessons. I taught my first lesson. Sister Stanworth said that I did really good for it being my first lesson. K we also had a little miracle but i don't have time so make a list of stories and I need to tell you and I will tell them all to you on mothers day.  

Friday- We had MCM  at our missionary leader homes. we just have less active visits today. We are helping a few women quit smoking. We also had a really really weird encounter with some old lady. I will have to tell you that one later too. 

Saturday- This was my first day tracting. It was freezing. We placed one BoM and that was about it. No one ever answers their door here. but we have to start doing more walking around town cos last month they ran out of miles like 5 days early. Our area also cover tons a little towns that are 20 or more miles away. We only get to go to those area once or twice a month. 
Sunday- I met the ward. We share a ward with the elders. We meet about 20 miles away in a town called Bolivar. That is where most members live and 70% of all the investigators are. It is kind of hard being so far away from everyone. We  had dinner at sister B's house then she came out with us to a Less active house, where we taught her the plan of salvation. E is wanting to come back to church after being a catholic for the past 8 years. We tried to meet with our less actives but they wouldn't answer the door. Sister Stanworth got something in her eye and couldn't see so we went to a members house so she could get eye drops. the members house we went too was the H's they actually have a son who is serving in the family history mission on the 6th floor.  we talked to her for a while and then headed home, to finish my training.
just some other random things. There really isn't much work to do in Buffalo. We have to get creative to find ways to fill our days. This area has only been open for 6 months. Everyone in buffalo is poor and 60% is on disability.
They do have so many cool places to take pictures. I wish I had my camera with me so bad!!!
I can't wait till spring. I am told it is so pretty here. 
My apartment is pretty big. I have my own bathroom and I have a full size bed! it is so wonderful!!!
K I know that I missed so much but I am so out of time. The librarians really don't like us and get mad if we go over our time limit. 

Love you all!!!!
Have a wonderful week!!!