Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I slack.

Sometimes I am not in my mood to do anything. 
Like today. 

I had plans on doing my study guide 
Finishing all my readings 
Cleaning my room 
Finishing my homework 
Putting all my laundry away
Well guess what I have accomplished so far
Putting 1/2 my laundry away. 
Real productive. I know.
What have I wasted my time on today
I went to class 
Watched The Glee Project and Love in the wild
and slept. 

I started running again,
I forget how much I love it 
Yesterday I didn't really feel like going a long run so I run up and down old main a few times. 
well, today when I walking up old main to get to my class, my legs where not so happy with me. 
They're still not, and in 20 minutes I get to go climb the stairs again. ya! Institute and buff legs!!

I get to go home tomorrow!!! 
I finally get to see my car 
Drive it!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012


After a few months looking 
Really my dad got it and paid for it!
I just get to drive it!!!
But I have to wait till I go home next
which is on Thursday a whole 4 days away!
1998 Honda Accord
Now it's time to find a job...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rodeo time!

Look where I went last night. 

and I will be there for the next 2 night!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Your annoying voice needs to stop

I am trying to study, 
I was doing good for a while, until.... 
this girl with a nasally voice walked in the room talking on her phone. 
I am sorry but you don't need to talk so loud that every can hear you. 
We don't care about the boy you like
and we really don't care that he called you on the phone. 
and told you, you were boring.
Some people these days, I swear.   

Monday, June 18, 2012

I walked down a waterfall

This weekend is definitely worth documenting. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. 
Friday I took my siblings miniature golfing, we put our pass of all passes to use. 
Saturday I planted some seeds in the garden and weeded, then I took Kaydie Jo and Brenen hiking
we just took the short trail to the waterfall, so much fun
Later that night I was going on a date and the planned to go hiking
Can  you guess where we went? 
Yup, the waterfall 2x's in one day!
We sat and ate peas and cherries that Matika brought from the Farmers market
then we saw people repelling, so we asked if we could do it. They let us!!! 
So I repelled off a waterfall, super scary at first but so fun! 

I Started learning the guitar. My fingers already are hurting, 
but I have been playing for like 5 hours. 
I should be studying I have 2 more test this week (Best part of summer semester.. not)

Did I ever mention I decided to retake Biology?
I passed, but I wanted a better grade so I am retaking it. (last second decision)
I kind of sucks but it is so much easier the second time. 
Hopefully I can raise my grade from a low C- to something in the  B range
I got an 80 on my test today!!! 
so far it is lookin' good!

Then Sunday I went to my grandmas
I love going there, my family is just so funny
We laugh a lot.

Hopefully this week will go by fast!
I am super excited for Strawberry Day's!!
Anyone want to join?
I will be at the Rodeo!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I came across

Lately, it feels like I have witness abnormal events.
These events are pretty comical 
Not everyday does someone witness a girl crying uncontrollably reading a book 
or an old man jump 5 feet cos he thought he was going to get ran over by a Ranger.

Not everyday the Stairs on Old Main are flooding with so much water it looks like a waterfall, 
not everyday do I where flip flops and have to walk down them .

Today in class I was sitting writing down some notes 
then, all of the sudden the floor started to shake
and a loud jackhammer sound followed right after it,
it was only short lived
but then it came back
it delayed class for a bit

Today I was moving my wet laundry to the dryer
I found my shoe in the dryer
yup I washed 1 of my flats.

Have you seen this?
so cute!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This was my to do list today:
Finish scholarship App. 
Print handout
Take test
Finish  notes
Do homework

This is what I accomplished today
Finish scholarship App. 
Print handout
Take test
Finish  notes
Do homework

I don't remember the last time I did all my homework and all the other things I need to. 
I am feeling pretty accomplished right now!
and may I add I got 90% on my test!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

369 days ago

369 days ago I graduated from high school. 
In the the past year I have:

Here I go picture overload 

Changed my hair color 6 times:
from this

to this

a month later to this

3 1/2 months later to this

then to this...
ignore my very attractive face 
to this

and finally to this

Tanner left to the MTC (for the 2nd time) 1 year today was when he left:

Went a many road trips
St. George and Kanab (small detour to Bryce Canyon)

Went to Girls Camp for the last time:

Had a super fun Summer!
Oakley Rodeo


Strawberry days Rodeo


August 20th was CRAZY! day:
Walked 23(point) something miles
Jared took Alexis and I  to the middle of no where
I moved to college

I started college

I came home a few times:

Attended a few concerts:

Turned 19!

Made a few cakes:

Went to  TONS of USU sporting events (GO AGGIES)

Did some funny/stupid things

 Made wonderful new friends