Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My stress level is about up to ....... here.

This week has been crazy!!!
I have had crazy school work this week.
To start off I had a presentation in english on monday
Tomorrow I have 2 big test (which I seriously might fail).
I have had a hard time paying attention in class lately (no more bring my laptop to class)

Sometimes we ( Melanie, Karlie and I )wait to finish service hours
 less then a  week before they are due
and of course
there is only 2 days we could go
today and tomorrow
So skipping my 1st to finish my hours 
then to Stats to take a test
then to EL ED 
then to Physics to take another test
then off to a movie for creative arts 
then finally home. 

Now I should be studying, but 
it stresses me out. 
Today I have ate a ton
 most likely cos I stressed out of my mind, 
but good news!
After tomorrow no more stress!!! 
(at least for a while!)
This weekend 
I might go home. 
I might not. 
I can't decide. 

Well I must get back to study
then I am off to bed,
I am waking up early 
I get to volunteer 
at a preschool!
I love it!! 
I am kind of excited 
I am get not excited for my 8hour day tomorrow 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

As of late....

I had spring break (post on it later).
I went to Kelly Clarkson concert!!! 
Found bugs in my Cream of Wheat 
(and then I cooked the bugs)
Dropped my eggs on my floor
Applied to be a Service center chair
went to the weirdest basketball game ever
Failed my math quiz 

Went shopping for food
spent fifty dollars
came home 
realized I just bought snacks
by on the good side
it was all healthy!

I have had a lack of sleep lately 
I am off to catch some Z's.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

one. more. day.

I was looking at my the pictures I have stored on my lap top and found these....


some of these are super duper  old 
but others are pretty new
I just love Kaydie Jo
but I hate that she is getting so stinkin big
Her faces are so cute!
Mine on the other hand could use some work
On that note......
Tomorrow is spring break!!!!!! 
my plans:
Go home and veg
go snowboarding
watch a gym meet
and maybe a little exercising 
but until tomorrow...
I have a paper to write
P.S.  ignore the picture placement
I tried.....