Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some people have dog...

While, some people have dogs as pets
and some have cats
we have sheep
and take them for walks.

My dad struggles, he takes videos instead of a  picture 

We ate outside for dinner! 
On of my favorite parts of summer.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

All in ONE day I've learned and realized

Today I have learned and realized:
My microwave can't cook popcorn correctly
El Cid  is the 2nd longest/boringest movie ever made
(the agony and the ecstasy takes first)
I am never motivated to do homework
I get distracted easily 
Running makes me feel good physically and mentally 
Today I didn't go, so now I don't feel good (simple as that).
500 days of Summer is wonder/annoying/satisfying.
Fool's Gold is kind of cute but dumb
I eat way to much during the day with out running 
I ROCK at words with Friends
Finding a car is still dumb
I hate silence most of the time
Waking up at 1 is not the best idea (it kind of makes the day go by really really fast)
you and someone can be having and feeling almost exactly the same and not even know it.
I have a bad habit of changing my hair color (see picture below)
My church is at 9. Last time I had church at 9 I wasn't on time ONCE
so with that said, I need to be on time tomorrow 
I am heading to bed

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are You Happy?

I am bored out of my mind. 
No one is home but me. 
I have already did my laundry 
Cleaned the Kitchen and the Living Room 
Picked up my room (which was like 2 things cos it was already clean)

I have spent countless hours on KSL trying to find a car 
(if you know anyone selling their car let me know)
I learning finding a car is dumb. 
You Find a car you like but your dad says:
"It has too many miles" or " That's american made" 
or its a manual ( which I can drive one just not well, and when I get a car I just want to drive it).
The faster I find a car. 
The faster I find a job.

Today I was watching Ellen 
and I saw this
I love what Tom Shadyak had to say
It is so true
I believe that everyone really needs to stop and think 
are you are really happy?
There is no reason you can't be happy.
We are the creators our own happiness .

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Super bored!

Right now I have I class that is an hour and a half
so the rest of the day I am stuck in my apartment or sitting outside
I am already running out of T.V. shows to watch
Minus the fact that I still have clothes to hang up and a room to organized 
I need to stuff to do. 
I can only study and read for so long
I am thinking I need to find a new hobby
Any Ideas?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Year 1 Wrap-up

Well.... I finished my first year of college (whoa! it went by so fast)
I will show you my grand adventure.
Living room

I accidently super glued my earring to my finger

80's dance (no idea who that random boy is)

First Pizookie (became monthly tradition)
First trip home

Dani's surprise party
 (please notice that dani's outfit does not have throw up on it)
 The howl 
(first and last time going)

Halloween night
1/2 price candy at midnight
I make bread sticks 

another Pizookie
 Christmas decorating

 Lorelle wonderful drawing
(I bet the janitor is still cleaning it up from the fir escape)

Christmas Pictures

I burned my hand curling Missy's hair

 Mel and I wore our boots on the same day
(We may or may not have planned it)
P.S. She's my best friend!!!!

 ( Cupcakes Micaille and I made)

Missy and I always bought something "weird" at the store 
every time we went 
 Blowing my birthday candles out in Mardi's car
at 3 story park
 We made milk shakes 

 Basketball game!
 The perfect cake!

 More Aggie basketball
 We think a like and get the same thing in the same order
 Snow storm
 First time at Pita Pit
 Best aunt ever! Took me to Kelly Clarkson
for my Birthday!!!!
 Kind of a surprise 

Missy and I took the microwave
(my roommates still don't know)
(hopefully, they wont see this)
Chocolate chip cookies in a mug

 3 straighteners 45 mins 
 Girls night!
EL ED 1010

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Families can be together forever

1. I have a fam’ly here on earth.
They are so good to me.
I want to share my life with them through all eternity.

Fam’lies can be together forever
Through Heav’nly Father’s plan.
I always want to be with my own family,
And the Lord has shown me how I can.
The Lord has shown me how I can.

2. While I am in my early years,
I’ll prepare most carefully,
So I can marry in God’s temple for eternity.

Sorry real family...
This post is dedicated to my FHE Family

We're Great!
I will miss them!
It was really sad to say goodbye tonight.
so weird to think my first year of college is ending.