Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My mind is going to explode!

For some reason lately I keep thinking of all these questions I want answers too.
Questions like:
Who I am going to marry?
I am really choosing the right major?
I am going on a mission?
Should I stay at Utah State?
I am going to meet my husband at school?
What classes should I take?
What should I wear tomorrow?
When am I going to get married
Will I know him before?
Where am I going to live next year?
What's for dinner?
and so many more questions.
my mind is just full of them.
I am trying to find answers to my questions
I know a lot of them are going to take time
I know I wont always find my answers.
I pray.
All my questions will be answered someday
on top of the questions.... I am a dreamer. 
I think of how I want everything to go
Who should be there
I am driving myself crazy. 
I mind is just so tired. 
I need a break but I don't know how to slow down my mind.
It just keeps going

On that note.... My thanksgiving week was amazing!
I loved it.
I miss all of my friends.
We had so much fun. 
I even went on a date. 
who even know how long its been
way to long!
I loved last week
It makes me smile just thinking about it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christ is real! He Lives! and meet ours needs

Today was weird. I am grateful for this day. I was blessed to feel the spirit so many times today. I gained a stronger testimony of Christ. He is so much aware of us. He really does know exactly what we need. I know I have been blessed to witness this in my life but today it was second hand that my testimony has grown. I came home yesterday and got to send some wonderful time with my family. Today I went to young womens and heard the most beautiful story. To summarize it quick. Son got cancer. 25% chance to live. Mom prayed knew her son was going to live. He did.
Once home from church my cousins and sierra came over for dinner. I had a nice chat with Sierra (read it, Follow it. She'll love it!) She told me a story that touched me so much. She had a tough time a while back. When she needed something to lift her up she received a letter in the mail. That letter was exactly what she needed to hear. Cheered her up. Made her day.
I just know that heavenly father really does loves us. He knows exactly what we need. When we need it and how we need it.
On a happy note...
I love my family! Today I got to spend time with them at good ol' stretch parties.  Just gotta love 'em!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back to junior english

When I was a junior in high school every day when class started we would just write for 15 min, we just wrote. We never thought about what to write. sometimes it was surprising of what was written. It is every relaxing sometimes. I am going to give it a try. first time since that class ended. 
never really know what to say. I never know what to write or how to write it. English is something that I have always struggled with. I took A.P. English once. It was hard, but i proved to myself that I can do hard things. I accomplish something that stressed me out. Even cause me to cry a few times. I cry a lot. well not really but sometimes everyone needs a good cry. we are all humans. Speaking of humans... where do they come from? what domain are we? what is our family? I have a biology test on this on Monday. I am nervous. I am scared for it. I have a hard time in school. School has never been easy for me. I miss my brother. I love him so much. There are certain times when I just wish he was here. He is my best friend. We were not always close. but we are now. he is one a mission. His mission has been a different one. He came home for 6 months now he is back out. He is doing good. I kind of wish for a boyfriend. have I ever mentioned how much I love weddings. I just love them. actually I am obsessed with them. I just love love love them. why? well I really don't know. I want to get married. I really do. I hope it is not to far off like 2 years but I could get married tomorrow...  I really could. Kaydie Jo is coming this weekend. oh I sure hope that this weeks goes by fast so I can go home. I miss home. i wish I had a car. I would go home more often. I don't really think I am going to get one soon. I need to stop wishing about getting one. I am thinking I should stop. It is almost 4 and i got church tomorrow. I guess it is a good thing it starts at one. well good night.

favorite pinterest photo for the day!

I love cowboys!!!!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

sorry for the long post but....

I don't have a lot of time so I will make this quick. Monday night was the best! I am so lame. My only friends are my roommates( No Joke).
Monday was Halloween and we were doing nothing.
We were just taking naps.
Well we decided be a little exciting and went to a hunted house that housing government put on.
Missy had a soccer game so I escorted her so she wouldn't have to walk home alone.
When we were almost we witnessed probably the most funniest thing I have seen since I started college.
We were walking along and two girls walked out of their building. They were running and the ground was quite wet. Well one of them slipped and rolled. It was one of those " you had to be there moments" but I seriously could not stop laughing.
I am still laughing.
Later we (my roommates) decided we needed to do something. We thought treat! Sugar cookies peanut butter balls. A simple little treat turned into lets make better then sex cake and make a quick run to Walmart.  At 11:37 we got in the car and drove to Walmart. We only 4 items on our list. Cake mix, heath bar, cool whip and soda. We walked in and it was getting destroyed!!! All the freezer isles were caution taped off. the egg sections was completely gone.

going to walmart at 11:37
See no eggs
A simple short trip turned into a hour long super duper fun trip.  One of the items from our list was down the freezer section which, was caution taped off... So guess who tried to sneak down and grab the cool whip. yup me! I would have gotten away with it if it was for the boys who decided to start yelling "Isle 2 , Isle 2!" So just as I was grabbing the cool whip and making my get away, a short , mustached mexian came around the corner and caught me, but I ran. I got away, and I got the cool whip!
The Heath bars were the last things left on the list. The candy isle was filled with the extra halloween candy. The worker told us it was half price at midnight. so we waited and each got a bag. As we were waiting for 12'o clock we walked down the isle.  We found a few more things to buy....

We came home with this!!

at 12:37
To complete halloween night we watched Zoolander...
 We made it to bed around 4-4:30! such a fun night!