Sunday, September 23, 2012


Today, My family took pictures. 
My family takes pictures every year. 
So, nothing new to us. 
This year we had Sierra take them!
The pictures turned out so good!

I was told to do a silly face...?

This one is for Tanner

He will be home for the next family pictures!!!

Mother Goose was in my apartment

No one ever plans on seeing this when they come home

**The couch was tipped over too,

 But.. no one EVER wants to see this
** At least they gave the goose some water

Its not very pleasant when you throw up from the smell and try to flush the toilet, but it wont so you lift up the lid and find this. 

Then you lift up the seat to clean off the mop from cleaning up the goose poop and find this
** Don't worry, we threw the mop away

Then you find this,
1 of all of our shoes were outside

The worst part,
in our fridge. 
and lights. 

All of this was great! 
I was impressed.  
just be prepared, we WILL get you back!

(any one has good pranks?(I could use them right about now!!))

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I HATE the Slender Man

Have you ever been so scared.... you just screamed and run away?
I hadn't until Monday around  11:30 PM
Here's what happened:
Earlier on Monday, my roommates and their friend Dallin had been trying to get me play a computer game called Slender.
I really wasn't up to it, but some how I ended up in Dallin's apartment watching this computer game being played. 
This game is Scary. Some creepy long, lengthy man with a white face and a black suit follows you and scares you. IT IS THE WORST!!! 
I left earlier then my roommates did, to take my friend Melanie back to my apartment to get her stuff so she could go home. 
As I was leaving I told my roommates to not leave me home alone for too long.
 To my surprise they were home 10-15 minutes later. 
We were all doing our own thing in our rooms. 
Micaille, called me into her room to choose, the hottest one direction member. 
As we were studying their hair and faces, Lorelle told me to open the blinds because "it was too hot."
So I did. 
As we were talking, there was a knock on the window. I looked and saw the slender man. It scared me for a sec, but I knew it was Dallin. 
I followed my roommates into the living cos I thought they were letting Dallin. 
As I was walking down the hallway I saw ANOTHER slender man standing in my living room. 
I just remember stopping, screaming and running  back to Lorelle's bed. 
Oh, I was so scared. It took me a good while, to calm down. 
now, I am fine. 
It's war now!
Josh and Dallin have no idea what's coming for them!

One full week!... last week

This week has been kind of crazy, but HOLY COW was it fun!
I finished my trip to Washington, Tuesday morning.
I came back to Logan and slept ALL DAY seriously, from like 11:00 - 4:00
I woke up just in the nick of time. My phone was bombarded by missed called and texts from Melanie.  (ha. not really, 1 missed call and 2 text) but anyways, she wanted me to go to  the Brigham city open house.
Karlie was the one with the tickets and driving, she was leaving at 4:15. It was 4:00.
I love temples!

Friday-- 1 word! FOOTBALL!!!! Please... please tell me you watched (or at least heard of) the Utah State win!!!!! It was so super amazing!!!

Saturday was full of sunburns and beaches. Melanie and his genius idea to go to Bear Lake! so we went, with some of the cutest girls ever!

Monday, September 10, 2012

A little bit of Washington

( I started this post forever ago, I am not just finishing it... sad.... I know!)

I went to Washington over Labor day weekend!!! 
I went with my dad and brother Jared ( I like to call him Lewis)
We drove my car (it gets the best gas mileage)
We drove straight threw... both ways

I am so glad that I went. 
I hadn't seen some of my cousins in like 3 years (even sadder).
Can you kind of tell, they are related?

I had a blast!
My grandma and grandpa came too!
and also my aunt and 3 of her 4 kids. 

The boys mostly fished 
The girls mostly sight saw

I fished a little bit. Almost caught a salmon. I was so close. 

Sunday, we had a picnic

Apparently , it was stinky down there

The kids went hiking
The adults took a long boat ride

I love my family!
I had so much fun with them
I loved seeing Washington