Monday, June 27, 2011

wedding dreams

This week I have been around a lot of weddings. I was at temple square Tuesday and Friday this week. I also went to my cousins wedding on Saturday. Seeing all the brides this weeks has made me really want to get married now. I am now dreaming of my wedding. even though I don't want to get married until I get at least 2 years of school finished. I can't wait to plan my wedding more importantly meet the man I am going to marry.

Hopefully he will look a little like this.

or maybe like this

I am sure by the time I get married my taste will change and I will end up with a totally different wedding dress then what I really like now but one thing is for sure I am marrying a cowboy. 

The wedding dress I like

I can't decide which one I like better

I will be wearing these under my wedding dress
(these are the same ones my cousin wore under her dress)

I want to get married in the Oquirrh Mountain temple

My dream house that I will live in someday

Right now this is all fun and games but I am really excited to see how my life is going to play out. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011


On monday I went up to Utah State with Dani and Kai. We had our student orientation. It was great! we had fun. Even though it was all day long. I finally decided what I wanted to do.  I am going to get elementary education and special education degree. I am really glad I found somethings that I know I am going to enjoy. It became clear to me one night that I need to be a teacher. I struggled to figure out what kind of teacher. I wanted to teach High school but really didn't know what subject I would teach. As I was sitting listening to a women speak on the kind of teaching degrees you could get she mentioned the degree I am choosing to pursue. When the women mentioned it I knew that is what I wanted to do.It made sense to me.  I can teach grades 1-6 normally and I will able to teach grades 1-12 in Special Education. This totally fits what I have always wanted to do. I am so glad that I have found something that I know I am going to enjoy. I am starting to get really excited!! About 9 weeks left then I am a goner.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today youth conference started! I wasn't going to go in the first place since I had to the choice, but Alexis talked me into it. Now I wish she didn't. I want to stay home tomorrow. These feelings started as the day went on. They just seemed to get worst. I was excited to go. I didn't have any hard feelings when they day began. The change of feeling started when Alexis and I were put in  the same group I thought "Yes! this is going to be great!" NOPE! wrong. It has been bad. My counselor drives me insane. She ruined it for me. I tried really hard for her not to bug me but I guess I didn't try hard enough cos she does. My group consists of Alexis, me, 5 other girls that are from the same ward, who knows how many boys and my 2 just wonderful counselors (sense the sarcasm). I am frustrated. I will have to see how tomorrow turns out. When we had journal time tonight I promised myself that tomorrow will be a new day. I am going to put our differences aside ( trust me... there a some pretty big differences) and just see her in God eyes. I am keeping my promise. I am not totally blaming my counselor for my wrong feelings that is why I decided to change myself. I am they only person I have control over in this situation. I am going to try and fix this. I will fix this.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

see ya!

Tanner left on Monday. I never thought he would leave (he was starting to drive my CRAZY!!!). I never thought he would come back in the first place. When a missionary leaves I don't think that the possibility of them coming home even crosses their minds. or even their friends and families minds. I remember the day Tanner came home. It was tough. I cried. I never thought he would. The thought never crossed my mind. When my family learned that tanner might have to come home I just prayed that he would get better. When he didn't I was disappointed. I wanted him so badly to stay. He so badly wanted to stay.  Now I am so grateful that he came home and got to spend 6 extra months with him. I got to get closer to him. I loved coming home on weekend nights and going up stairs to watch criminal minds with him and  to just talk. Now I come home and watch it by myself and think he is gone, but how grateful I am that he choose to go back out the mission field. I know when he got reassigned he was sad that he didn't get to go back to where he so patiently waited to go. From all of this I learned that heavenly father is so aware of  us and knows exactly what we need. He knows that other people need us. I truly believe that someone in Georgia needs my brother. He has the power to change their hearts. it is either that or his future wife awaits him there.  A lesson can be learned from any experiences we have in life. I learned a wonderful lesson from this experience and I will treasure it forever!
 Right before he left

best buds!!
I love Tanner and I am glad that he is gone he was starting to bug, I think he was just so ready! he was just waiting on the lord. My family has defiantly learned that god has his own times table. 

Monday, June 6, 2011


538 names. 8speakers. 2 1/2 hours long. That pretty much sums up my Graduation. My mom insisted on going early to take pictures with my cousin. Her graduation was right before mine.

Tika and I so excited to graduate!!!

Right before graduation

We graduated!

All I asked for graduation was a cake
My Best friends

Being graduated doesn't feel any different... But as i reflect back on my high school years I am so grateful them. I have only one regret. I wish I wasn't so shy. My new goal for college is to make as many friends as I can and just talk to everyone!