Wednesday, March 27, 2013

He is back... 2 weeks ago

In school right now, I have almost all social science classes, they are great but full of reading and writing. By the time I get all my homework done I am all reading and writing out, so I am never really in the mood to blog any more. I have so much to blog about though!!!
So right now I am forcing myself. 
I think I will start with the most exciting news. 
My brother returned from is mission 2 weeks ago. 
it was seriously, the best day ever
Here are some picture:

Mom my is known for going all out!

at the airport

Haha so nervous
"I can't breathe"  Said Sierra.


5 minutes later..... 

Family all back together again.. but not for long 

so cute!
 He was such an amazing missionary! 
but I am glad he is back!!