Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meanwhile, back in Logan

I am back in Logan!!! 
Have I ever mentioned how much I love it!!! 
Seriously, its the best place ever!!!!
I have been back less then a week ( I was only gone for 10 days)
and I love it even more!!! 
I love my apartment, my roommates, my ward, my classes 
I been busy this week
Monday: Family Night
Tuesday: Movie on Old Main 
Wednesday: High Stake Bingo 
Tonight: FOOTBALL( we won!! 34-3 GO AGGIES!!!)
Tomorrow: Washington!!!! 

crafty lately....

While I was at home,my creative juices were flowin'
I taught myself how to crochet 
I painted a picture frame
I made a cute decoration to hang up in my apartment. 
and I made my sister a shirt. 
 I fixed the A, R and b, so they look normal now

That's all I made, but I am feeling pretty darn proud for doing all of it in a week!

Monday, August 13, 2012

summer in logan

My summer in Logan is almost over.
Tomorrow at 8:00 AM it will be
I spent all day today packing and cleaning

Spontaneity was the theme for Saturday. 
Random bear lake trip was the result of being spontaneous

Friday I had plans to go to the rodeo, but.. it started to rain, nope not little tiny dripples but HUGE drops. 
I never straighten my hair, but guess what?? I did friday, it didn't last long, 

Thursday was fair day, 
Dani and I went and walked around the fair grounds, 
oh and we watched a little game of wheelin' and dealin' (that lasted WAY to long)

Wednesday, I went country swing dancing. I was scared out of my pants the whole time I was there. It is kind of intimidating cos every one is so good. I still had a lot of fun. 

Well that is all for now, its late and I have to load up my car before I head to bed

Friday, August 10, 2012

because, its raining

because it is raining, my hair is now a big frizz ball, I am at my apartment watching drop dead diva and sippin' on a dr. pepper from McDonald's.
lately, I have been lovin dr. pepper, alot (more then normal). 
I had plans to go to the rodeo here in Logan, but it was raining WAY to hard,
 so plans changed and I am going tomorrow, 
ok well, I was looking through my old pictures and videos and came across these

Drama queen much??? She going to be a handful as she gets older

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

took me long enough... but I made it!

I made it to my 100th post! YAY!
I remember the day I wrote my first post
I was embarrassed about it
that is why I never told anyone I had one
but now I am not. (well, that's a lie)

On a different note...
My summer has just been wonderful!!! 

This summer

I went to bear lake for a few days with my aunt and her husband family! I had a lot of fun! I must say The Anderson family is a crazy bunch. They like to poke fun at each other, which is was comical.  I caught on to their sarcastic ways and had a little fun myself. It was great! I would tell, but frankly I am not up to publicly humiliating myself. (Yup, I am that good).

I rock at knee boarding!

I have spent a lot of time with this lovely lady. 
We are cousins
 and best friends. 

We done a lot with each other these past few weeks. 
I went to her tea party, her relief society. 
We went to seven peaks, and lots of sleep overs. 

Over the 4th we were in a parade!
We were doctors 
Super Hot doctors 

We still have a cabin trip planned
and another seven peaks adventure
before our school starts in 3 weeks 

Spontaneity is my middle name...(sometimes)
On a Monday I decided I wanted to to camping 
so I did, 
with my siblings 
We all squished in a 4 man tent
it was quite cozy!
Well, I have plenty more to tell, 
but I have been at this post for hours
and I am done (for right now).