Saturday, March 8, 2014

Week 7 Letter

I am sorry it has been 2 weeks since I have emailed!
Last week we had to leave to go Ice skating and didn't get back till after 5 and the library closes at 5. Here is What I had written last week before I had to get off and didn't have time to send it. 

Alright, I am just going to send a real quick email because we are going to Springfield and need to drive to Bolivar so we can get a ride there. I am so sorry that my last email so super lame and kind of sad, but things are better! Our ward is really ready to help us with missionary work and things with them are a lot better. 
First I want to start off by telling you about my birthday!!!! It was so wonderful! I got 4 birthday cakes!!!  
OH before I forget, I need to thank a lot of you!!!
Thanks mom for the Valentine/ birthday package, and the other birthday package with the pictures that was a total surprise!
Thanks  Alisha for the earrings and chocolate, grandma thanks for the check they were all perfect.
 I want to finish what happened last week because it was so AMAZING!!!! We got our goal of 21 Lessons!!!!  at like 5:50 we only have one lesson left and we needed to go home to do our studies for the day, and we needed it to be a member present so we called up a lady in our ward headed over to a house and gave a short 5 minute lesson and headed home!!!
I also gave a really awkward lesson on someone's door step Saturday night.
I am so glad all of our hard work paid off.

Alright so last week was kind of not really exciting. I can't even remember what we really did.
Monday we went Ice skating for my birthday! Then we went to Cold stone! They have a cold stone in Springfield! That made me so happy. and they have PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM now!!! That made me even more happy.  
We had a sisters conference this week! That was a super nice change. I got to see sister Goody that totally made me day. 
Our district meeting was so amazing this week! We did the coolest role play. 
OH my gosh I can't believe that I forgot to start off with this but Sister Stanworth and I got our transfer calls really early! We are leaving Buffalo! They are taking us out and closing down the area!!! Sister Stanworth and I are opening a new branch in Fordland Missouri! We are leaving at transfer point which is on the 13th. we have a week and half, to find a place to live and leave this area in good hands with the Elders who will be taking it back. 
Alright, Thursday was an interesting day. We got offered THREE rides when we were walking. That has NEVER happened to us. We told them that we were walking by choice, but thanks for offering.
Yesterday we were stuck in our apartment all day because of the weather. It was super cold and windy with ice pellets. So church was cancelled. People here freak out about the weather so much. Today there is no school because it snowed like 1/16 of an inch last night.  We are going to Springfield again today for a zone outing. I think that will be super fun. 
I realized I haven't really said anything about our  investigators. Even though they are going to be our investigators for 10 more day.
ok I will only tell you about one this week. Jeanie, she will be baptized I know it!! Her husband has been a member all his life and she has a few worries, one being going to church and not liking it! well last week she came to church and loved it. every talk was so perfect for her!!!!  

Alright! Saturday we got permission to go to a donkey basketball game!! FUNNIEST THING OF MY LIFE. it is exactly what it sounds like.  I will send a video and pictures.
we went with some of our investigators
I love you all so much!!! and miss you!!!! 
I know I have forgotten a million things  but oh well!
Missions are so hard!!! But I know that it is totally worth it!!
LOVE, Sister Charlesworth

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